Daily Archives: June 20, 2014

Knit Baby Summer Sundress Pattern



Temperature is rising these days and so I thought to knit something fresh for my daughter. I also wanted something basic and especially quick to knit. That’s how the knit baby summer sundress pattern was born.

I used circular needles so the dress is seamless. Here is the result:


I think it is great as beach outfit but also in the city if matched to a pair of white leggins.

What else to say?

Tomorrow summer will officially start, so…HAPPY SUMMER to you all!

Pigeon Babies

Taube 20140618_B


The pigeon babies are fastly growing.


As they were born they measured approximately the length of my index finger.


They were born with yellow down and now they are changing color.


Mama pigeon feeds and cuddle them.

It will take one month for them to learn to fly and leave the nest.