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New Knit Pattern for Flip Flops


Hello from sunny Tuscany!

I would like to present you my new creation: the knit pattern for the orange flip flops!

I made different prototypes and I finally came up with this. I like it because the sole is perfectly flat and oval. When crocheting it is simple to give this oval shape but when knitting it seems more difficult. I am satisfied with the result.

The toe part is triangular and I made it in orange, the color of summer par excellence.

I hope you like it!

Happy knitting! 🙂


Empty Nest Syndrome


Empty Nest Syndrome.

Or maybe not.

I am not talking about our lovely little girl who will turn 2 years soon, even if she is very independent. Sometimes even too much.

I am glad to announce that our two feathered guests finally learned to fly and left their nest. It happened so quickly that I did not even realize they abandoned us. I have to admit that I started worrying about them because my husband gave them food and it seemed they were lazy in taking flying lessons.

Anyway, one day I went on the balcony and did not find them anymore. They did not come not even for the night. I soon realized they went to live on their own.

Good luck little baby pigeons!

New Knit Pattern – Hearted Baby Legwarmers

Hearted Legwarmers

Hearted Legwarmers

From today there is a new knit pattern: the hearted baby legwarmers.

I was thinking about something easy to do but at the same time pretty. So the lace hearts came into my mind and this is the result.

One size fits from 0 to 3 years. It will cover the babies legs entirely and will go up to the knie for the toddlers.

Happy knitting! 🙂


Italian Gestures Rap

Good morning! Buon giorno!

Today I discovered the “Italian Gestures Rap” on YouTube and I thought to share it with you. It was made by the US Consulate in Milan.

It is about a young American diplomat coming to Italy. He is disoriented because he does not understand what the Italians say. So he takes Italian lessons and he learns how to manage 16 different Italian gestures.

I never tought that “speaking with the hands” could be so difficult to understand for a foreigner. As an Italian, I have to say that I do not use the hands so frequently. When I ask for a coffee in a bar, I simply order a “caffè”. The gesture can be made when the place is crowded and it is difficult to be heard.

Enjoy the video!

Do you have similar gestures in your country too?