Why I will never find an apartment


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Good morning! Buongiorno!

Here is a half-serious list of reasons preventing me from finding the right apartment in this city. The only completely serious is money. Florence real estate market is in fact incredibly expensive, either because it is a city of art or because it has several historical buildings.

That being said, I thought it could be helpful for me to write why I will never find an apartment just to reflect.

Well, let’s see…I am searching for:

1) a top floor

Pro: After a whole life living in a flat I think it would be better not to have anybody living above. It is not so nice  being waken up on Sunday morning by the noise of someone dragging the chair across the floor.

Con: I do not like heights…

2) a habitable terrace space

Pro: I could organize amazing outdoor dinners with my friends. I could even put a porch swing!

Con: in this neighborhood there are neither terraces nor habitable balconies.

3) an apartment only in the quarter I currently live in

Pro: I have been living here for several  years and I know the pros and cons of this quarter.

Con: in this neighborhood there are mainly buildings with small balconies.

4) an elevator

Pro:  should I really explain why? Even if we have no skyscrapers in Florence, carring a stroller or supermarket bags up to the fourth or fifth floor can be quite daunting.

Con: buildings in this quarter were built in the 1920’s which means no elevators at all, except for some.

5) something easily resalable

Pro: the possibility to sell it quickly in case my husband get a wonderful job proposal and we have to move abroad.

Con: my husband is not even looking for a job abroad.

In conclusion, to find an apartment here is becoming an operation of titanic proportion. Maybe I’ll remain in this small apartment still for a while…

After all…am I lunatic or not? 😉

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