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A few days ago a friend of mine got married in Florence. This is the favor (“bomboniera” in Italian) the bride gave to us: a bottle of “Olio nuovo” (new oil) directly from the Tuscan countryside. It is so called because it is the first pressed oil of the season and it has a special fresh and fruity taste.

Inside the petals there are five “confetti”, as in the Italian tradition, which symbolize happiness, wealth, fertility, health and long life. The composition is so pretty that I haven’t eaten confetti yet.


Here in Italy it is common to give guests wedding favors. Some of them are useless and even expensive, some others seem to have more sense.

This has definitely been a very appreciated favor! Finally someting good and also organic.

Here is my personal list of useful wedding favors:

– a donation to a charity or non profit association

– a fairtrade or recycled material favor

– a homemade product (for example marmelade)

– a handmade creation (knitted or crocheted…just plan ahead because it will take a lot of time).

What are the typical wedding favors in your country?


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Wedding Favors

  1. sarah

    My sister went to a wedding a few days ago and everyone got coasters with their name on it.
    Here its very multicultural so I’m sure each wedding differs considerably. I’ve been to many where getting something is definitely not normal.


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