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Photo credit HBO

A quick reflection on which programs are more


Being mum of a toddler and a knitter can be challenging, especially in this period that my child started to practice the art of climbing. Yesterday while I was not looking at her for five seconds, I found her on the sofa playing with steel scissors.

So the best time for me is to knit while she sleeps in the evening. At the same time I like relaxing by watching TV, but I found that not so many programs are “knit-friendly”.

Movies are too long and I need to concentrate to understand the plot development, unless I am knitting stockinette stitch in the round. Sport programs are terribly boring and X-factors and other similar shows after a while seem all the same.

So I started looking for interesting TV series to watch while knitting. It is even better if they are on a DVD so that I can pause them whenever I need. I was a fan of Lost, even if the very last episode left me perplexed. After it there were no other shows that captured my attention.

I have recently started watching “Game of thrones“, the second season. This serie is television adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels. I can’t say that I can knit complicate things while watching this TV serie, the genealogy in itself  is difficult to connect even if I concentrate. But at least, when there are blood scenes I don’t look at them, hiding behind my knitting project. It could have been a more agreeable series, with the combination of Middle Age and dragons. Anyway the violence is intolerable, especially during the first season.

The plot is twisted but if I had to describe it in brief, I would say that we are in a surreal time, similar to the middle age for the costumes and the dark atmosphere. In this world, where  summers last for years (I wish it could be so in real life!) and winters can be endless, there is an initial conflict between the Starks from the cold Winterfell (in the North) and the Lannisters from the sunny King’s Landing (in the South). Later it will develop in a war between the Houses of the Seven Kingdoms, all claiming the legitimacy of the throne.

More in the North there is the Wall, manned by the warriors of the Night’s Watch, an ancient barrier of ice and stones built to protect the country from the threat of the “Others”, some kind of zombies. Finally, there is a prince reclaiming the Westeros Iron Throne in  King’s Landing. The story is full of battles, betrayals, dragons and actions revolving all around the conquer of the Iron Throne, symbol of power.

What I can suggest is do not grow fond of anybody as it seems the author of this serie loves to kill his characters indiscriminately.

What do you watch while knitting?

What is your favourite serie?

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