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Bye Bye Holidays

Swiss Flag


I’m back again in Florence.

Summer holidays are over and I already miss them. But it is now time to look ahead and to plan the future.

As some of you already know, summer is my favourite season. I wish I could have summer all the year round. Or maybe I would not appreciate this season enough if it was really possible.
Anyway, these two weeks were relaxing and fun at the same time. First, we drove to a farm in Switzerland where my daughter could meet the “real” animals. She was enthusiastic especially about the rabbits. She gave them food, caressed them. One of them tried to eat a piece of her shoe, luckily not her foot. They were lovely!


The nature was so beautiful! We were sorrounded by green, flowers with brilliant colors and big trees.


As for me, being a “City Girl”, I never experienced how fulfilling life can be in the country. Life was simple: we went to bed early (ehem, but got up late…), had breakfast with organic food and took the rest of the day easy.

In this farm there was even the possibility to pick fresh goodies from the vegetable garden and I was proud to conquer potatoes, zucchini and onions all by myself 🙂 The dinner which we prepared with these organic ingredients was yummy.


The rest of our holidays we spent on Mallorca, the biggest of Balearic Islands.

Look out for my next post for details about Mallorca.

Have a nice day!

Palm Trees