How I started knitting

Everyone has an obsession.

If you don’t know me, you can look at me doing some strange movements every time I take my coat off, such as lifting slowly my hair with one hand and to put it down carefully only once this operation has been accomplished. Or you can see me touching the door first before touching the doorknob.  Or to wait for someone near me to press the metallic button of an elevator. I simply do not like getting zapped by static electricity.

In my lifelong experience as human lightning rod, the shock is guaranteed with the combination of rubber shoes and synthetic clothes, especially in winter when the air is dry. But have you ever noticed how difficult it is to find a garment which is made of pure wool only? I am telling you this because I always read the labels. I pick up every single sweater I may be interested in and check for the materials used. Even the most famous brands sell products which are completely made in acrylic. And if you find one made of 100% wool, the price is unbelievably high. That’s how I started knitting.

I am a self-taught knitter. Unless it is possible to learn it through osmosis, by watching my mum creating wonderful knitted and crocheted items for the family.

Since my daughter’s birth, I discovered my interest in designing knitting patterns for babies. Hats, headbands, shoes, dresses, cardigans, tops, etc. I really love doing it and to look at my special model wearing my creations.

How did you start knitting?

I would love to read your stories!

See you soon
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3 thoughts on “How I started knitting

  1. sarah

    I wish I knew how I actually started kniting. I don’t remember the challenges of learning. I was young and found my mother’s old unused needles. She stopped knitting years before since she was too busy with 4 kids.
    Curious what the needles were, she started teaching me. For a long time I was just casting stitches on using the backward loop method. I vaguely remember filling the needle and saying ‘mum mum. Look, I’m knitting!’
    She would smile along and encourage me.
    I don’t know how old I was. Maybe 7 or 8.
    My next memory is of knitting those fluffy fashion scarves. When I was 12 it was the craze, but I didn’t have enough money to buy them. $25+$30 they retailed at, but i found the yarn for $1/skein. Knit knit away. More than that I don’t remember.

    1. Claudia Post author

      Hi Sarah,

      it is always a great satisfaction to be able to create things with our own hands instead of buying mass products.Thanks for sharing your story!

      1. sarah

        I have to add, now that I’m a long way passed 12 years old I avoid fluffy yarns like the plague. I now only use natural fibres. Acrylic I might occasionally use for a pom pom on top of a hat but never for a garment.


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